Future of cars : top 10 changes


While the look and feel of cars has changed in the past decades and continuing to do so, the way we drive them hasn’t much. But change is coming in the form of auto pilot cars. In the next few decade, not only the way the cars are powered will change, but we won’t be the ones driving them anymore!.

Some cars already have basic automation features, but the automotive experiments currently being undertaken by the likes of Uber and Google make up a huge proportion on the vehicles for our roads. By the coming time, the standard car’s will evolve from merely assisting the driver to taking full control of all aspects of the driving to most driving conditions.

Connective technology

  • The ever-growing internet will become central to how our integrated cars move us around and communicate with the outside world. Sensors designed to recognise and communicate with upgraded road signs, markings, networks of cameras, pedestrians, and other vehicles will allow cars to adjust their movement, minimising fuel consumption and improving traffic flow. Cars will also be able to help authorities maintain road conditions.

Fuels of the future

  • Many countries and cities have announced upcoming bans on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars. Older vehicles will still be on the road, so petrol stations are unlikely to disappear . However, car makers are already focusing more and more on vehicles that will support the fuels of the future i.e. is electric and hydrogen powered vehicles.
  • what the future will look like is unclear. Uncertainty over whether currently popular hybrid cars will be included in vehicle bans or not , may discourage businesses and consumers from investing too much in this path. Fully electric vehicles only make up certain percentage of the global market, but as their price drops below that of petrol cars by the coming period, their market share will surely rise.

Camera’s Will Change How to You View the Road

  • In the case of cars, that happens through your windshield. The 2020 jaguar land rover cars already offer’s an rear camera display, and it’s all but certain that in the coming decade, windshield-based displays will overlay GPS mapping over the actual road and scenery in front of you.

car-to-car Communication Will Save Lives

  • car-to-car communication allows cars to wire lessly exchange data about their position and speed with the cars around them. many believe the technology will be able to prevent and help hundreds & thousands of crashes. Some cars have this tech now, but it needs to be everywhere for its information exchange capabilities to really work, and soon it will be. By coming period.

Auto Braking system Will Become Standard

  • Auto braking system (ABS) is a component of cars, and it made it’s first appearance in the mid-2000s but was available only in limited or higher-end models. That, however, is changing. In 2016, many automakers have started using ABS.

Manual vs automatic Transmission

  • Manual transmission was ones used in cars but things changed after the introduction of automatics . Automatics are faster, more efficient, produce fewer emissions, and have far more gears. Many car company’s believe that manual transmissions will be gone by coming period.

Changes of seeing Self-Driving Cars on the Road — Well, Maybe a Few

  • As recently , publications like Forbes were predicting the arrival of self-driving cars by coming period. chances are good but we haven’t seen self-driving cars on the road and we likely won’t able to see at least for a while. A future where self-driving vehicles are safe, practical, and common is all but a thought, but that won’t be coming soon.

Traffic Assist Will Go premium to standard.

  • On current only premium car manufactures provide this feature for example, Audi’s traffic-jam assist feature is part of a sensor-assisted technologies that gather information about surrounding & traffic conditions then reacts accordingly. laser scans the road and reports the findings back to the car, which provides steering, braking, and throttle adjustments to the drivers which helps getting safely through traffic jams. Hopefully many other cars makers will make this feature a standard in the coming future.

Possibility of the Flying Cars — which won’t be affordable.

  • The future of flying cars has been promised to generations for a very long. The average consumer will never have the cash to afford the flying car that isn’t both a terrible car and a terrible plane at the same time. Many say the work for the car is on going but still the arrival of the finished product is still a year’s away.

Car Becomes the Battery

  • The success of electric cars depends on their batteries but what if they didn’t have any batteries at all? Nanotechnology along with solar energy and kinetic energy  have spawned successful experimented and embedded directly into the body panels of vehicles, in the doors, the roof, and the hood. In the coming decade, it’s very possible that cars themselves will be able to store enough energy to power electric vehicles without the aid of batteries.


The future of cars tells the how the cars are going to be evolved , upgraded with new tech and features to make our lifestyle easier .

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